Storming the Universe. Gagarin: First in Space

Sep 26, 2014
Storming the Universe. Gagarin: First in Space

Finally, in half a century, the filmland has ennobled a biopic of the first man in space, our compatriot, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Moreover, this is our native biopic, which has been coming to cinema screens for long four years with persistence worthy of the name of this man, often through, sometimes against, but holding its own. The efforts of the filmmakers were not in vain – if Yuri Alekseyevich was alive today, he would probably remain satisfied.

“Gagarin: First in Space” is a film with amazing, warm and kind atmosphere. No cold notes, without exaggeration, it’s warm at heart when you watch this movie. Despite the competition between the parties, despite the line of friendship with German Titov, which was challenged, despite a difficult childhood and all critical situations on orbit, which were shot with surprising intensity so you catch yourself at worrying about Gagarin’s life, even if the outcome is well known – even without knowing the details of his biography you subconsciously feel that it will come right. It can’t end otherwise, because he was too good man.”

(KINONEWS.RU Roman Volokhov “Storming the Universe. Gagarin: First in Space”)


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