Presidential Protocol.


Release: 2017
Country: Russia

Producer: Oleg Kapanets
Script: Kadushkin Maxim
Director: Gladov Oleg
Composer: Lyubovina Elena

Number of episodes: 1 series
Timing series: 51 minutes 24 seconds

Age limit: 6+


  • About

The film tells about the history of the Protocol Service of the President of the Russian Federation and its role in strengthening the authority of the country in the international arena.

The Protocol Service does not affect the adoption of important policy decisions and the signing of international treaties, but it performs a very important function with its impeccable work. Through leaders of the states who visited Russia on official visits and through carefully prepared visits of the President of the Russian Federation to other countries, we inform the world: "We are not barbarians, we are a country with a rich history and culture, where we respect not only our own, but also other people's traditions. We are always open for international dialogue and cooperation. " This is especially important now, when international relations are heated to the limit, when the state of the world is fragile, and so it is important to protect it.


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